1966 Mag Beauty Pick: Makeup Forever Water Blend Foundation

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Makeup Forever Water Blend Foundation

The summer season is all about warm weather, fun in the sun and exuding carefree and comfortable vibes as much as possible the entire time. As a result, the last thing you want to think about is your makeup sliding off like a melting ice cream cone. For this reason, cosmetics brand Makeup Forever is giving us a foundation that will look great and stay in place. Behold… the Makeup Forever Water Blend Foundation!

1966 Mag Beauty Pick: Makeup Forever Water Blend Foundation

Why should you give this particular foundation a try? For one, it is formulated to withstand the summer elements. Going to the beach with friends or hitting up that bomb pool party won’t seem like beauty suicide.

The Makeup Forever Water Blend Foundation will repel moisture since its waterproof so that even if you take a dip you won’t emerge from the water looking like a whole other person. Moreover, this foundation’s coverage will give you more of a natural. So that any onlookers will actually believe you were “born this way.”

Makeup Forever Water Blend Foundation

Nevertheless, Makeup Forever spilled more of the beans on their product stating:

“Water, water everywhere! Water Blend Foundation is waterproof with lightweight coverage you’ll want to wear all summer long. [Moreover] this summer, we’re all about a look that lasts all day. Enter our Water Blend Foundation… waterproof, glowy goodness.

[Therefore] show your skin some love. Water Blend Foundation is our secret to the perfect dewy glow look. Available in 20 shades at Sephora and Makeupforever.com as well as Makeup Forever boutiques.”

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