Editor Makeup Obsession: Lust MatteTrance Full Blooded Lipstick by Pat McGrath

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Lust MatteTrance Full Blooded

It’s noon somewhere. Wine tone lip color is back and ready to unleash all of its sultry flurry! One lipstick product we are currently living for is by renown makeup artist, Pat McGrath. The Lust MatteTrance Full Blooded lipstick is an enchanting and eye-catching hue. Have you seen it?

Editor Makeup Obsession: Lust MatteTrance Full Blooded Lipstick by Pat McGrath

Ready to put onlookers in a trance? Pat McGrath describes her Lust MatteTrance in Full Blooded lip color as “a lethally luxurious new deep wine shade.” Therefore, if you want a lipstick that is not shy and alluring this is your new best makeup friend!

Want to give it a try? The Lust MatteTrance Full Blooded lipstick retails for $38. If wine isn’t your thing, the lustful lip collection comes in a total of 9 glamorous shades. So then, you are sure to find a tone that suits you and your lips best.

Lust MatteTrance Full Blooded

Two reasons to give in to a deep wine lip color:

1. Drama Class– The color is bold, daring and a star all on its own. With a lippie this dramatic you are bound to stand out. Plus, the rest of your makeup can be more muted or understated; which saves you time and requires less overall makeup face design.

2. Oh the Flattery Darling– If you have a darker skin tone then you will love this shade! It’s flattering and will actually show up. Some lip hues just do not pass the swatch test. However, a nice wine tint is universally a great color for dark skin women. Score!

Nevertheless, when it comes to dark lipsticks many wonder if lip liner is still required. It depends, some lipstick formulas can be a little messy. So then, if they spill over the lip line it is quite noticeable because of it being such a festive shade.

To combat this, one would want to line their lips first before applying any lip color. The lining basically becomes like a little fence. It will help keep any lipstick product from running away all over your face and help it last a bit longer.

Lust MatteTrance Full Blooded

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