Black Women's Equal Payday- Yara, Serena and Karrueche Speak Out

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Black Women's Equal Payday

If you work extremely hard achieving major results, should you make the same amount as your coworker who holds the exact same position? Especially, if your work and skills are at the same level if not more? Many would say the answer is yes. However, many black women take home wages that are significantly less than others. What can be done to change this issue? One word: Awareness. Enter the Black Women’s Equal Payday which has successful stars such as Serena Williams, Karrueche Tran and Yara Shahidi speaking out!

Black Women’s Equal Payday- Yara, Serena and Karrueche Speak Out

Black Women's Equal Payday

Serena, Yara and Karrueche are aiming to bring equality right into the workforce. In collaboration with the Phenomenal Woman Campaign all three ladies took social to bring this serious message to the masses. While rocking “Phenomenal Woman” tees Yara, Karrueche and Serena posted the following statement,

“July 31st is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, which represents the number of days in 2017 a black woman must work to earn the same pay a white man made in 2016. That’s nearly 8 extra months! Black women are the cornerstone of our communities. They are phenomenal and they deserve equal pay.”

Black Women's Equal Payday

With stories such as the “human computers” of Hidden Figures to the wild success of the likes of Oprah Winfrey. Black women have proven their value in all areas from science to the medical field as well as entertainment and sports. However, in many cases the pay gap continues to reign. The best way to fix it is to continue rocking ahead with our skills, while supporting each other so that more sistas can get a bigger piece of the pie.

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Black Women's Equal Payday

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